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Welcome to the informational page for the Sponsorship 101 project. This project seeks to tell the story of sponsorship from the perspective of business owners and serve as a practical guide for athletes seeking to get sponsored, but I cannot do that without hearing from folks like you. I would love for you to share your honest thoughts. If you know of anyone else who would be interested, please share this link with them. I would like to have this project be as accurate as possible.

The plan is to release this starting in 2020, with the longform interviews being posted weekly on my business YouTube channel and shorter teaser videos posted on my business Instagram @bjj2mma. This page on my website will eventually be converted to the central hub where any information on interviewees/helpful links will be posted.

If you are curious as to what motivated me to produce this project, I have been in the martial arts community since 2005 and have come to know many athletes who were interested in making a living off of the sport but struggled to negotiate sponsorship relationships. I also found that many business owners were dissatisfied with how their athletes were fulfilling (or not) their end of the bargain. When I did research, I found that there were not really any resources available to athletes to improve their chances, so I sought to make that resource. I do not pretend like this will be some massively influential project, it may only get two viewers, but if it makes it easier for a sponsorship relationship, then I will view it as a success.

Thank you for your consideration,
Robin Williams

I have compiled a list of information below if you would like to do further research before deciding.

Would you like to see all the questions? Click here

Would you like to see an unedited example of an interview? COMING SOON

Would you like to research the Zoom App we'll use to record? (if you are not local to Oregon) Click here

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Would you like to participate? Please check out our production calendar below and send me an email at [email protected] with your preferred days/times (with time zone) and we can schedule an interview! It will take approximately 30 minutes.

BJJ2MMA Production Calendar

Here is our production calendar. It is for the Pacific Standard time zone.

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